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Accessing the Chinese market with Amane Advisors

Amane Advisors Announces the Appointment of Alex Ping Zhang as Chairman and Managing Partner, of Amane Advisors China Ltd


Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM – Amane Advisors is delighted to announce that Alex Ping Zhang has joined the firm as Chairman and Managing Partner of Amane Advisors China, located in Shanghai. Alex joins us with more than 25 years’ experience in international and Chinese water markets.


Alex was founder of McWong Environmental and Energy Group, a US water company doing business in China for more than 20 years. Under his leadership McWong contracted over 200 environmental projects in China and its client included many Fortune 500 companies. Alex also provided a platform for environmental and energy-related companies to connect with China, including technologies, equipment, and services, China business development, M&A, market research and consulting. Some of the technologies Alex helped promote in China have been written into China’s industrial standards for wastewater treatment, some companies he helped are still enjoying great successes today. Alex was a pioneer and expert on the China water market, with great experience in helping companies doing business in China. Additionally, Alex served as vice chairman of Guozhen Environmental Protection and Energy, board member of American Tire Corporation, and Vice-President of Alanco Environmental Resources.


Founder Thierry Noel mentions “This is an exciting time for Amane. We continue to grow rapidly and are thrilled to have attracted someone like Alex considering his talents and huge experience as a water industry executive and entrepreneur. Amane Advisors has served the Chinese market for a couple of years but under Alex’s leadership, we expect to achieve accelerated growth in what is now the largest market in the world. With Alex in Shanghai, Amane’s ability to connect water companies with the Chinese water market and Chinese water companies with western technology will be totally unique.”


Alex Ping Zhang, declared: “Amane Advisors is a professional advisory company with great reputation. It is my honor to join Amane Advisors. With my ability and expertise, I will help more and more Amane clients to benefit from China market and global opportunity. “


About Amane Advisors: 

Amane Advisors is an advisory firm dedicated to the water industry bringing services to its clients on all matters relating to their growth.   Its clients range from global multinationals, institutions and investors, to innovative start-ups and technology companies. Its services include Strategy, Market Intelligence, Commercialization, Mergers & Acquisitions, PPP/BOT Advisory and Digital.


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