An investment company, pursuing a 25-year PPP water concession, chose Amane Advisors to develop a proposal and manage the proposal team including external technical and financials consultants, to ensure a winning bid:

Providing a critical review of the feasibility studies, data provided by the public authority, service objectives, OPEX, CAPEX and financial plan to identify weaknesses and recommend amendments

Identify components of the PPP model, develop financial model, and evaluate sustainability based on the situation in and plans for the Water Authority


Define project vision:

Evaluate the parties’ vision statements and focus on points of agreements

Develop a shared project vision supported by both Private and Public parties

Review feasibility

Challenge feasibility study and financial model key assumptions

Identify missing elements and define required actions for alignment

Design sustainable PPP model

Evaluate model and propose alignments

Identify and assess contractual risks

Benchmark with past projects having similar characteristics and identify key learnings

Assess various stakeholders’ impact on the PPP project


Partners with practical experience of more than 20 PPP Projects worldwide

Insight into the requirements of both the Private and Public parties

Integration of all the expertise needed to build a winning business case, satisfying both parties


A shared vision with the public party achieved

Strategic action plan to prepare and win the tender

Clear system designed for management of 26 different PPP stakeholders