An innovative start-up wanted to expand from its home country to break into new municipal and industrial markets and drive sales, while mitigating the associated costs and risks, and needed to:

Identify, prioritize and focus on the most attractive markets

Demonstrate the technology and quantify its value proposition in new countries, each with differing regulatory demands, market dynamics, and customer needs

Access the customer and decision makers that have the largest needs and become the early adopters and first prescriptors

Generate the the first sales and increase revenues



Understand Market and select the priority segments where the value proposition and ease of access are the highest : Municipal in the US, regulated utilities in the UK, Pulp & Paper in Germany,

Define the Positioning and Generate Marketing Materials

Map Preliminary Alignment (demonstration strategy, prioritize applications, commercial and technical conditions)

Target the fastest sales channels, engage key influences and approach Early Adopters


Identify Opportunities for Demonstration or Pilot Programs

Evangelize engineering community and prescriptors

Initiate meetings with targeted clients

Assess Feasibility and fit to maximize chances of success

Provide Negotiation and contractual support


Adapt design to local standards

Setting the pricing against customer benefit (Value pricing)

Identify and select local fabricator

Hire first three employees

Identify and select local suppliers and engineers

Approach and meet the next 10 clients

Hand over to the client and start again in next market


Unrivalled Network of Industry Experts – 6 experts with profound local knowledge dedicated to this client across geographies

Privileged access, introduction to and meetings/negotiations with Key Early Adopters

Symbiotic Relationships:  collaborating closely and proactively with our client since 2012


More than 50 key meetings arranged and conducted with Early Adopters

Expansion from single home market with 7 Pilot Demos across 6 Markets proving the technology in both Municipal and Industrial applications

A different marketing, positioning, pricing, and delivery mode in each market

Demonstration of the technology with Anglian Water

First sale in pulp & paper industry and in Germany

In record time (less than 12 months) : demonstration plants in Ontario, Pennsylvania, California and first sales to CH2MHill operations s in the US

Adapted technology to US standards, selected fabricator through beauty contest, and hired the first four employees