A major water utility aspires to penetrate the international municipal water market in Asia (India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Taiwan) and required Amane Advisors to:

Evaluate potential in the South-East Asian markets

Analyse specific market needs and local trends, as well as competing market player strategies

Prioritize the markets on which to focus resources and deliver market entry options


Determine priority markets

Quantify the scale of water opportunities by business type

Identify and analyze roles of key organizations for project development

Identify unmet local market needs

Provide a holistic understanding of the market structures


Pinpoint opportunities

Identify and provide details of specific opportunities on the horizon where the company is best positioned

Introduce decision makers and influencers

Achieve market entry

Recommend the priority countries

Provide market approach, including business models, partners, funding sources and risk mitigation strategy


Strong network with international experts capable of discovering information available only locally

Deep understanding of the industry, enabling us to critically assess published and unpublished information

Actionable recommendations based on detailed review of the markets and their context


2 priority countries selected
to focus on in the next year

Future commitment to the strategy agreed
by Senior Executives

Shared understanding
of required future actions

Establishment of international subsidiaries
and partnerships