Welcome to Fall 2022

Welcome to the Fall 2022 issue of amane currents!

This issue comes during an impressive period of growth and change for Amane Advisors. With the added expertise and capabilities made possible via our recent merger with AVP, we have been hard at work completing exciting projects across the water, resource recovery, and energy recovery sectors and supporting a diverse range of clients who are helping the world use and reuse water, nutrients, and green energy sources with maximum impact.

To support this growth, we’ve welcomed a dozen new faces to our team around the world – with this cohort of new staff bringing experiences gained from working across a total of 14 different countries to our client engagements. You can learn more about each of them in our New Hires section.

In this month’s Expert View, Dr. Mirka Wilderer of De Nora Water Technologies says “…innovation is born through diversity-rich organizations” – and we couldn’t agree more! This issue of currents highlights the diversity of perspectives, ethnicities, genders, and geographies represented within Amane Advisors and across our wider network. With more than 60 staff now working across eight locations globally, we are proud to share insights on trending topics and update readers on industry developments taking place around the world.

First, we will take you to the Middle East to explore what the desalination market might look like in the decades to come. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has long been the regional leader in desalination, but there are several challenges – and new emerging challengers – that could threaten its standing.

Next, we turn to the UK, where water utilities are harnessing the multiplier effect of collaboration to fast-track the country’s pathway to net zero. Our team looks at the factors make the UK’s approach so unique and how utilities in other regions can follow in their footsteps.

Ida Johansson continues her deep-dive into water access projects in peri-urban and rural areas around the world. In this issue, she explores the potential for innovative, decentralized water treatment solutions to help bridge the infrastructure gap in Africa and highlights some of the more successful projects in
operation today.

You’ll also find the latest update in our series on new regulations surrounding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking water – with Laura
Chamberlain detailing actions taken by governments around the world to protect communities from these “forever chemicals.”

Having joined Amane from the venture capital world, our Global Marketing Manager Lauren Trucksess highlights new research showing the number of investment funds targeting the circular economy reached record highs last year.

In this issue, we’re also especially excited to feature the perspectives of some of the best-known female leaders from across the water, energy recovery, and resource
recovery sectors as they weigh in on the industry’s biggest challenges and opportunities.

Last but not least, we’ll get an update from the key industry events that have kept our team members’ calendars full over the last few months – with stops in
Copenhagen, France, Singapore and the US.

We wish you lots of fun and interesting reading and, as always, we welcome your ideas, input, and feedback!

Bill Malarkey

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