Welcome to Spring 2022

Welcome to the Spring 2022 issue of amane currents! Spring has finally arrived and with it, our newest edition of amane currents. And just as this season is always filled with the promise of new opportunities, so we, too, are pleased to present a content line-up that is filled with a wide variety of insights and opportunities that should be of interest to current and prospective players in a range
of water industry segments.

This issue includes feature articles on topics ranging from thoughts on water industry digitalization, written by our Oxford-based partner Geoff Gage, to the prospects for outsourced services in the industrial water & wastewater segment, authored by our own Avinash Vijay and long-time industry veteran and friend of Amane, Kerry Murphy. In addition, Lamia Moubakir and Dorothée Chabredier from our Paris office have teamed up to explore the state of phosphorus recovery from wastewater in Europe.

We shine the spotlight in this issue on the exciting work of our Middle East team in providing strategic support to the Royal Commission of AlUla on developing the circular economy and resource recovery concepts for the AlUla tourist region in Saudi Arabia. As described by co-authors Christophe Guillet and Aurore Mariot, AlUla is the first UNESCO World Heritage site in Saudi Arabia and plays an important part in Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” strategic development framework. The Vision 2030 framework includes a number of objectives including development of tourism in the Kingdom as an alternative to the oil economy and making it one of the Top 5 global tourist destinations in the world.

Our Spring issue also features amane currents’ first guest interview feature, as Brendan Tierney, Managing Director, Global Head of Water Investment Banking at Raymond James & Associates, shares his insights into significant trends and opportunities in the water industry, and discusses the attributes that he sees as separating the great companies from the good ones.

You will also notice in our New Hires section that Amane Advisors has continued adding new members to our worldwide team. One of the things we hear consistently from candidates is the attractiveness of our company culture, which is characterized by a highly collaborative, one-company environment, a sharp focus on the highest standards of excellence, unflagging commitment to our clients’ success, plus a shared passion for the water industry and the environment. These themes bring us all together as they cut across geographies and cultures, as well as the various services and industry sectors that we serve.

We hope you enjoy this issue of amane currents and invite you to suggest topics of interest for coverage in future issues. Please feel free to reach out to me with your ideas at bmalarkey@amaneadvisors.com.


Bill Malarkey

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