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Employee Spotlight: Lucas Corral Basterra

Role: Project Manager

Office: Madrid, Spain

Joined Amane: July 2021

Nationality: Spanish

Languages Spoken: Spanish, English

When did you know you wanted to work in the water and broader sustainability sector?

I have always worked in the infrastructure development space, and I’ve found that I’ve most enjoyed working in an area that provides so many direct benefits. Understanding how projects impact peoples’ lives has always been of interest to me.

In general, all infrastructure development projects are designed to help society and improve quality of life, but projects that are developed in the most sustainable and efficient way are always the most remembered and impactful, especially today in the context of climate change. Those are the types of projects I enjoy working on most.

When I had the opportunity to join Amane, I had no doubt. I had already worked on a few projects in the water and waste sectors, but having the opportunity to solve interesting challenges and focus on areas that are increasingly in demand and critical to our collective future was an opportunity that I did not want to miss.

Amane has built such a strong reputation in water – and it’s been exciting to see the business expand its focus to capture emerging aspects of the circular economy and incorporate new expertise in areas such as energy-from-waste into its client offering. 

What do you like best about your job and why?

I am passionate about my work, but what attracts me most is to be able to understand the infrastructure needs of different countries and offer solutions to support their development – always in a sustainable and efficient way.

What has been the biggest surprise about working at Amane Advisors?

The diversity of the team is what I find most enriching – and it’s been a pleasant surprise to see how well we work together and leverage the strengths of that diversity.

We work in a very international environment, where each client or project can be located anywhere in the world. We also staff projects with colleagues from different parts of the world as needed.

Being surrounded by a team with different backgrounds, experiences, and different ways of looking at life is essential to our success as a business and also to each of us personally and professionally. It builds empathy to work with different types of people.

What three words would you use to describe Amane Advisors?

I would describe Amane as:

  • Open mindset: People at Amane are open to learning about and understanding complex topics and challenges and are receptive to the fact that there is always new information and insights to uncover and new opportunities to explore.
  • Flexibility: We take time to consider how things might work better for our clients and our teams to find the best way forward.
  • Willingness: Everyone is busy, but my colleagues and Amane leaders make time to help and are always willing to provide feedback or input.

What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?

I think others would describe me as:

  • Emphatic: In an environment as diverse as Amane’s is, it is important to know and understand each other’s circumstances.
  • Flexible: Anyone with young children at home will know that flexibility is a must!
  • Dynamic: I am always active, it’s part of my entrepreneurial side.

Name something about you that most people would find surprising.

Lucas with his prized Surbaru, which he used to take to track-days on Spanish racing circuits.

Most people are surprised when I tell them that I used to have a bright blue car with gold rims and a big spoiler.

I am actually a big fan of racing and I have been buying and selling motorbikes and cars for many years. I love to spend time fixing them up and improving them.

Before I had children, I bought what I consider to be my best car – a Subaru, which I upgraded to 450 horsepower and with which I participated in several track-days on various Spanish circuits.

What are your favorite activities outside work?

I spend most of my time with my two young children, who are one and three years old.

Apart from that, I like sports very much. I’ve played football since I was in school and about two years ago, I started playing in a local amateur league. We’ve won the league two years in a row!

I also like to play padel on a weekly basis. Padel is a sport that is very similar to tennis, and widespread in Spain. It originated in Mexico, but it has a strong presence in Spain, Argentina and Italy. I have played since I was a child, as my father built a court in the garden.

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