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Employee Spotlight: Steven Gauthier

Role: Project Manager

Office: Oxford, UK

Joined Amane: June 2022

Nationality: French / British

Languages Spoken: English, French

When did you know you wanted to work in the water and broader sustainability sector?

I am fairly new to the water and waste industry, having previously worked across several industries including Oil & Gas, construction, and in strategy consulting across other sectors.

Like many, my interest in renewable energy and water has grown over recent years as we increasingly see the impacts of climate change.

When I came across Amane Advisors, I jumped at the opportunity to grow as a strategy consultant while also having the opportunity to learn more about water and resource recovery and to make a positive impact on clients and the planet.

What do you like best about your job and why?

I enjoy that each client, team, project, challenge – and even each day – is different. Water and waste are global topics, each with different regulatory environments, priorities, challenges and emerging technologies from one region to the next – and both sectors have an increasingly significant impact on quality of life.

Most importantly, I enjoy the fact that we have an impact at Amane through our water and waste expertise, as well as opportunities to learn from, and alongside, our clients. We often get the chance to work with Amane colleagues from different offices, so I also enjoy leveraging diverse experiences and mindsets to grow as a professional and as a person.

What has been the biggest surprise about working at Amane Advisors?

I knew I could make an impact working with Amane but I did not realise how significant, and to what level, this impact would be.

Amane is a smaller (~60) boutique consulting firm, but it’s composed of highly capable consultants from multiple countries, speaking multiple languages, all with a passion for sustainability. Even with all of these skills, my colleagues also have the ability to remain humble in their attitude and commitment.

We deliver high-quality work that is recognised by the water industry as well as global companies who seek to diversify, private equity firms, startups and the world’s largest consulting firms, which we often support by providing speciality subject matter expertise.

Despite our relatively small size, we are quite resourceful and able to tackle and solve complicated challenges – from forecasting niche water markets to go-to-market waste to energy strategies, and co-developing best-in-practice water utility operating models.

What three words would you use to describe Amane Advisors?

Outside of work you are more likely to meet Steven wearing his kilt.

I would describe Amane as:

  • Passionate Sustainability is something we live and breathe.

  • Caring – We care deeply about our work, our clients and our team.

  • Philomath – We love to learn and expand our knowledge, and that of our clients.

What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?

I think others would describe me as:

  • Calm – Work can be stressful and hectic, I tend to stay calm and effect the same on the team.

  • Committed – I place high respect on timelines, the quality of output, client outcomes, team wellbeing and the Amane values.

  • Humble – I focus on helping the team achieve its potential. We solve our clients’ challenges together, not on our own.

Name something about you that most people would find surprising.

As a child, I spent eight years living in Indonesia and would converse with my brother in Bahasa Indonesian. Regrettably, I have forgotten most of it now.

Although let’s give it a go… selamat datang di Amane, mari berbicara bersama kami (meant to say Welcome to Amane and come speak with us!)

What are your favorite activities outside work?

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my children, rowing and jogging or hiking with my dog.



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