Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are huge buzzwords in industry – but what do they actually mean? Amane’s recent research for the Digital Utility Group found out just that, and how water is already benefiting.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)’s facet of machine learning is a powerful tool that transforms the overwhelming amount of data generated in the water sector to actionable insights


  • Machine learning creates an understanding of the complex relationships within datasets that would otherwise remain undetected, allowing valuable conclusions and predictions to be formed


  • In water, this translates to delivering optimisations along the entire value chain – from treatment and process optimisation, to load forecasting and demand management, to consumption insights and leak detection, to customer engagement.

The Process of Machine Learning

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Amane’s close engagement with utilities, technology vendors and industrial experts brings us first-hand understanding of the needs and challenges of the water sector, making us the preeminent advisory firm in the digital water sector.



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