Through our recent research for the Digital Utility Group, Amane Advisors explored how digital solutions are bringing great potential for more effective and targeted utility-customer interactions that go beyond bill payments and general complaints to proactive, tailored outreach that builds trust and value for both parties.

We discovered that:


  • Water utilities should emulate other industries in harnessing the power of digital interactive platforms to increase the quality, frequency, and relevance of interactions with their customers


  • Customer engagement components can be organised into a type of maturity curve. Initial efforts at one end of the curve focus on making interactions easier, progressing through to the most advanced offerings that aim to proactively build utility trust.


  • Using digital technologies to streamline utility-customer interactions increases customer engagement and customer satisfaction, and reduces customer complaints and call centre demand by around 50%


  • A better understanding of customers’ water usage levels allows utilities to reduce NRW and promote water conservation, reducing consumption by 10-20%


  • Over 25 companies offer commercially available digital solutions, all of which make utility-customer interactions easier by increasing utilities’ understanding of their customers on an individual level

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Amane’s close engagement with utilities, technology vendors and industrial experts brings us first-hand understanding of the needs and challenges of the water sector, making us the preeminent advisory firm in the digital water sector.



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