With its fragmented nature, the water industry demands not only a broad perspective of overarching trends but also a clear understanding of the specialized needs of each sector. With our deep experience, expertise and global presence, Amane Advisors brings unparalleled resources to clients engaged in all aspects of water, from Residential & Commercial to Utilities, Industrial and Desalination.


With water contamination events – such as the Flint water crisis – and the increasing numbers of campaigns around water pollutants, consumers are developing a greater awareness of water quality and impacts on our wellbeing. Simultaneously, an expected increase of 2 billion people in the global middle class over the next 10 years is driving changes in consumption patterns and expectations.

These two factors combined are set to accelerate the market for Point-of-Use (POU) and Point-of-Entry (POE) solutions for further treatment of municipal water in households and commercial spaces. However, the market is fragmented and highly specialised with use varying by product and sector.

Whether you are an equipment manufacturer, service provider, or investor, Amane’s deep expertise, services and proprietary assets can help you enhance your business and succeed in the Residential & Commercial market.


Whether providing clean water to residents, treating wastewater, or maintaining public stormwater systems, water utilities deliver crucial services to their customers. These services – and the challenges facing utilities that provide them – vary widely, and often by location.

For example, for utilities situated in developed economies, the emphasis is on enhancing operating efficiencies. Faced with the additional challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, utilities are moving forward with digitalization projects faster than ever before. They are looking for ways to help them reduce non-revenue water, prevent water contamination events, and manage their ageing infrastructure, all while seeking to minimize the impact of higher rates on consumers.

Those utilities in developing economies face a different set of challenges as they put in place an infrastructure that will serve a wider section of their population.

Amane’s unsurpassed experience helps utilities around the world find solutions to their particular needs regardless of their location or specific challenges.


The term industrial covers a wide spectrum of enterprises, each with varying needs. Light industries, for example, face different water treatment challenges than companies categorized as heavy industries, each requiring a distinctive suite of technologies.

Amane Advisors’ work in the industrial sector spans a wide range of verticals, from upstream and downstream oil and gas, to chemicals, food & beverage and more. With our comprehensive portfolio of services and extensive resource network, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients identify solutions, uncover new opportunities, and take advantage of our unparalleled expertise along the value chain.


With increasing pressure from growing population, escalating climate change and increasing stress on existing freshwater resources, the world is turning to alternative water sources, including desalination and water reuse, to address water scarcity. Nowhere is this more evident than in MENA, where desalination provides much of the region’s critical water supply, and where Private Public Partnerships (PPPs) help bring these projects from concept to reality.

Known for its experience and expertise in PPPs, Amane Advisors guides clients through all stages of these projects. We help clients understand all aspects of PPPs from the varying viewpoints of both public and private sector players, to help ensure the successful implementation and outcome of these critical utility infrastructure projects.



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