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Supporting the transformation of China’s environmental sector at IE-EXPO

China’s environmental and climate protection market has matured in recent years. As a result, many business leaders are exploring new growth and transformation opportunities.

Amane Partner Alex Zhang presenting at IE-Expo China

To support this transformation, Amane’s team in Shanghai hosted a gathering for more than two dozen executives across the environmental sector to coincide with this year’s IE-EXPO China.

Amane Partner Alex Zhang also gave a presentation at the expo to share insights around why companies are eager for new opportunities and how to best prepare for transformation.

“The pandemic impacted the growth trajectory of many environmental protection companies in China, with more saturated markets and less space to gain a foothold.”

“As a result, many companies are eager to think innovatively about their next steps,” said Alex.

“We are seeing new market opportunities emerge in areas such as lithium extraction from salt lakes, hydrogen energy, recycled water and hazardous waste utilization, among others.

“But transformation not only brings new market opportunities but also new risks and challenges. Businesses must ensure they have the right funding, teams, tools, and systems in place to succeed,” he added.



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