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What does Amane look for in a New Hire?

At the risk of starting off with a cliché, there is no one template for what we are looking for in an Amane consultant. Obviously, we have consultants here who have studied business and environmental science, but we also have others who have studied law, archaeology and zoology. While we do like to see some previous exposure to consulting – even through a summer internship – much of what sets a good candidate apart comes down to attitude. We look for people who are smart, energetic and willing to take some initiative. We are a small firm, so there is not the option to just sit back and observe at first. New consultants will need to roll up their sleeves and get right into the game.

We are also fast-growing, with the stated goal of doubling in size in the coming years, so our consultants are given significant responsibility very quickly. And although we are specialized on the water sector, even junior consultants will be exposed to a wide variety of different players along the entire water value chain. They also will have the opportunity to work with senior management at some of the biggest name clients in this industry, helping them on their most pressing strategic issues, so a certain level of self-confidence is a must. For candidates who are passionate about exploring new and diverse challenges, this would be a great fit.

Most importantly, we look for people who will be a good addition to the unique Amane culture that we have developed here. We are a truly international organization, currently representing 14 nationalities and speaking 15 different languages, so a natural openness and curiosity for other cultures is a huge plus. It’s not a place for either sharp elbows or lone wolves, but rather for team players who are willing to pitch in wherever help is needed.

We see ourselves as a global, diverse, collaborative team of professionals sharing a vital set of core values:

  • Excellence and impact – Exceeding expectations with high quality work product that will have a positive, long-term impact on our clients’ growth
  • Integrity – Maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards, while demonstrating respect for others, shared responsibility, courage and accountability
  • Growing together – Valuing teamwork and personal growth, both among colleagues and with clients, building long-term relationships based on trust, open and honest communication, and mutual benefit
  • Inclusivity and diversity – Building a sense of belonging for each individual, recognizing that our varied background and perspectives bring real value both to our people and our clients

As we continue to grow, we look forward to hearing from more candidates from all over the world who believe they fit this profile, and would like to help us continue to make a difference in the global water sector.



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