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Our water industry experience makes it possible for us to provide focused and effective expertise to many clients ranging from global corporations, to technology start-ups, investors, operators, engineering firms, institutions and public agencies.

With over 100 clients and 80 projects per year, our focus is the water industry. We take a broad view of the water industry including areas where it interacts with renewable energy generation, materials recovery, green chemistry, and agriculture, where opportunities for value creation are high.

We transform market information into strategy and action. Our team works to develop a holistic understanding of the challenges you are facing. Based on our industry insight we ensure our advice helps you achieve results that last.

We serve the Water Industry.

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The Water Business is facing unprecedented challenges. Revenue and profit sources are shifting, cost pressure is rising and business models are transforming. Customers become more demanding, regulations are tightening, and climate change pressures are increasing.

These growing challenges create opportunities for global and regional companies. We work with water companies, solutions providers, chemical service providers, operators, engineers, construction companies, technology innovators, data system integrators and all corporates to define what it takes to win, to develop clear strategies, outstanding business and operating models and implement effective execution plans.


The water industry is always searching for innovation to keep up with the needs of our market and offer better solutions. But the end users can be slow to adopt new technologies, products, and services. The time for adoption of innovation in the water industry is comparable to the time required to launch of a new drug by the Pharmaceutical Industry.

We serve innovators and start-ups to help them reach their potential much earlier and successfully.

We bring market knowledge that can be translated into a clear and unique positioning, create bold strategies that can be delivered, leverage networks for rapid access to the most favourable markets globally, branding and communication to stand out from the crowd, lead you to the early adopters and first clients, and conclude with investors that will support your strategic and financing needs.

As Water Market Specialists, Amane Advisors guides you in all phases of your business growth.


The water industry is capital intensive and provides many investment opportunities – from venture capital in new technologies to large infrastructure investments. The high fragmentation of our industry requires in-depth industry knowledge to identify and screen targets, evaluate opportunities, close transactions and implement plans to make an investment a success.

We advise a broad spectrum of investors: first time investors into the industry but also the seasoned ones; early stage, venture capital, growth capital, private equity; investors in physical assets, Infrastructure and concession investors; family office, corporate VC, strategic investors.

Amane Advisors knows that strong returns are always generated by value creation strategies, connecting the right people, better information and analysis, planning and preparation.


Industry’s needs for water are both vast and complex. In a world where water resources are dwindling while demand is continuing to intensify, the development of new, sustainable strategies where the most is made of these limited resources is vital.

Amane Advisors help you tackle these 21st Century challenges.


Municipalities and local authorities face a wide range of issues in their mission to provide drinking water to their constituents and manage wastewater to protect the environment.

Amane Advisors provides better insights for better decisions, optimizing your investments while helping you protect the environment and promote social improvement. Enhancing your value with the community by understanding their needs and vision is essential to guaranteeing the success of your projects.


Access to Safe, Clean Water and sanitation is a global imperative and multilaterals prepare the financing and the programs needed in the developing world.

International best practices, understanding potential of technologies for use in particular markets and access to an “industry memory” of what has worked and failed worldwide are all fundamental to the create the solutions to this challenge.

We support Global and Regional Multilateral Agencies, Regional Development Banks, Policy Makers, and Funding Agencies throughout the world.

Amane Advisors provides the context and global/local perspective needed to build those programs and advance those goals.


The Residential & Commercial market is highly specialized and dynamic, with product solutions and configurations varying by end-user need. With water contamination events and increasing concern around water quality and health wellbeing, the market for Point-of-Use (POU) and Point-of-Entry (POE) solutions for further treatment of municipal water should continue to soar.

Amane Advisors’ deep expertise and knowledge of the residential and commercial market can help clarify and rationalize the market to help you succeed, no matter what part of the value chain you are in.



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