Amane Currents – Fall 2023


It’s hard to believe this is the final issue of currents for 2023! The year’s not over yet but it’s already been one for the record books – with dozens of major headlines bringing humanity’s delicate relationship with water into focus.

Amane Advisors’ Bill Malarkey

This year has already set the record for the number of billion-dollar weather disasters in the U.S., while extreme heat shattered temperature records in Europe, record rainfall contributed to catastrophic flooding in Libya, and an unprecedented marine heatwave brought global ocean surface temperature to an all-time high.

These stories highlight the urgent need for businesses to not only understand how water is becoming a major operational and strategic risk factor but also to take meaningful action to adapt to those risks – and ideally, to identify solutions that support the regeneration of ecosystems and water resources.

That’s why we chose ‘regeneration’ as the theme for this issue.

The scale and severity of water risk necessitates urgent action by businesses, but internal improvements can only go so far. In our lead story, Principal Ida Johansson and Senior Consultant Mairi Dean explain how managing water as a shared resource can maximize triple-bottom-line benefits.

Waste-to-energy (WtE) reduces the need for landfills and methane emissions while also producing valuable, soil-enriching byproducts that can support regenerative efforts. Amane Partner Amedeo Vaccani and WtE expert Edmund Fleck will share how the market is evolving in different parts of the world and where the next opportunities lie.

Algae is known for being resilient and fast-growing. But what about the market for new algae-based solutions? Project Manager Chloe Wen Hu will explore current and emerging applications.

We’ll also hear from award-winning water expert and author Dr. Peter Gleick on the role of corporates play in bringing about what he calls the ‘third age’ of water – and we’ll check in with a few recent finalists from the Ocean Exchange Awards to see how their businesses have developed since participating.

And of course, we’ll have the latest updates from the Amane team, highlights from recent industry events and more!

As always, we wish you happy reading and welcome your ideas, input and feedback!

Bill Malarkey

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