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The resource recovery and energy recovery sectors present a wide array of strategic business growth opportunities, fueled by mounting concerns about sustainability, the adoption of circular economy principles, and the demand for alternative energy solutions.

Amane brings unique expertise, capabilities, and networks across these sectors, with a focus on:


With supportive government policies and advancing technologies, waste-to-energy projects offer an efficient way to divert waste from landfills, produce renewable energy, and contribute to a low-carbon economy.

Amane provides strategic consulting services to industries and municipalities for converting waste materials, such as organic waste, biomass, and municipal solid waste, into renewable energy sources like biofuels, biogas, or electricity; supporting clients to generate value from their waste streams, enhance energy security, and align with corporate sustainability initiatives.

By-Product Valorization

Innovative technologies and processes are enabling companies to extract value from previously discarded materials, create additional revenue streams while reducing waste and minimize environmental impact.  

Amane works with industrial clients to identify and capitalize on opportunities to extract value from their by-products and waste streams, including converting industrial waste into secondary raw materials, finding alternative uses for by-products, and exploring potential revenue streams through waste monetization.

Integrated Waste Management

Growing concern over waste pollution and its environmental impact is prompting governments, industries, and communities to prioritize waste reduction, recycling, and resource recovery. 

Amane develops comprehensive and integrated waste management solutions that enable organizations to efficiently sort, process, and recycle various waste streams while simultaneously harnessing energy from non-recyclable waste materials to meet today’s pressing environmental challenges and promote a more sustainable future. 

Biogas / Renewable Natural Gas

Biogas production, which involves capturing methane from organic waste materials like agricultural residues, sewage, and food waste, not only generates renewable energy but also helps divert methane emissions from the atmosphere – making it an attractive option for both environmental and energy security reasons.

Amane supports clients in seizing these opportunities; helping them assess new projects and technologies, navigate regulatory challenges, integrate biogas projects into their sustainability strategies, and optimize project performance through monitoring and reporting.

Sustainable Biomass

Sustainable biomass offers significant value by providing a renewable and low-carbon source of energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and supporting the transition to a more sustainable and circular economy; factors that make it appealing to environmentally conscious consumers and investors alike.

Amane supports clients in identifying and implementing viable ways to harness biomass resources sustainably, including projects related to biomass-to-bioenergy conversion, bio-based products, and the integration of biomass into existing industrial processes.

Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage:

CCUS technology helps industries reduce harmful emissions, meet regulatory targets, and create new revenue streams by utilizing captured CO2 in new products.  

Amane supports clients in navigating the complexities of CCUS implementation. By providing expertise on feasibility studies, technology assessments, regulatory guidance, project financing, carbon market strategies, and stakeholder engagement, we enable clients to leverage this crucial component of the low-carbon future.

Who We Serve

Our Resource and Energy Recovery industry experience makes it possible for us to provide focused and effective expertise to many clients ranging from global corporations to technology start-ups, investors, operators, engineering firms, institutions, and public agencies.

With over 100 clients and 80 projects per year, we take a broad view of these sectors with a focus on renewable energy generation, materials recovery, green chemistry, and agriculture – where opportunities for value creation are high.

We transform market information into strategy and action. Our team works to develop a holistic understanding of the challenges you are facing. Based on our industry insight we ensure our advice helps you achieve results that last.

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