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amane currents Fall 2022 issue

Welcome to the Fall 2022 issue of amane currents!In this issue, you’ll get a glimpse at the future of desalination in MENA, learn how water utilities can accelerate the pathway to net zero and explore the potential for decentralized water treatment in Africa.

amane currents Summer 2022 issue

Welcome to the Summer 2022 issue of amane currents! This is a special issue for us because it’s the first one to be published following the announcement of our merger with A. Vaccani & Partner AG (AVP) and the expansion of Amane’s focus to cover the wider circular economy.

Leveraging the stormwater market potential

The stormwater market, although traditionally underfunded compared to drinking water or wastewater treatment, continues to grow, with increasing interest around the world. This article explores the dynamics of the stormwater market and how a player could leverage its potential, applying the examples of Germany, France and the UK, the three largest stormwater markets in Europe.



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