Amane Currents – Spring 2023


At a time marked by economic volatility and uncertainty, it may seem impractical to talk about growth. But periods of upheaval are also ripe with opportunity – not just to capitalize on short-term gains but also to take back the wheel and proactively prepare for the future. In this jam-packed issue of currents, we explore the concept of growth from a variety of angles.

Amane Advisors’ Bill Malarkey

First, intensifying droughts and floods coupled with ageing infrastructure and population growth is putting the quantity and quality of global water resources – and economic growth – at risk. And the UN Water Conference in March made clear that corporations will be expected to play a large part in providing solutions.

Our lead story urges businesses, particularly in ‘thirsty’ industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and food and beverage production, to view water for what it is – a critical boardroom issue that cannot be ignored.

Meanwhile, recent climate-focused legislation in the US is opening the door for a swath of exciting ‘green’ growth opportunities. In fact, public and private spending on climate impact initiatives could exceed one trillion dollars by 2030. While much of that funding will focus on advancing core technologies such as electric vehicles (EVs) and traditional renewable energy sources, we will explore some of the interesting incentives and opportunities for technologies and applications that have yet to reach the mainstream.

Additionally, we will look at the growth potential of digital technology providers serving US water utilities. There’s no question that digital solutions can unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, quality, and safety within water utilities. But despite the upside, digital adoption remains low. Principal Vinod Jose considers some of the factors driving the digital divide.

In our ‘Ask the Experts’ segment, leading investors debate whether the world will likely see a water ‘unicorn’ (a new company valued at $1 billion or higher).

We continue with our new ‘Explainer’ segment; this time looking at the growing market for bioplastics as a green alternative to traditional plastics. Here, we’ll consider some of the tailwinds and headwinds facing this emerging market.

And finally, we’ll preview the sessions Amane leaders are leading at this year’s Global Water Summit in Berlin, introduce you to our newest Project Manager, and share more people and events news from across the Amane team.

As always, thank you for reading.

Bill Malarkey

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