Amane leaders reflect on the state of water at Global Water Summit 2023

More than 800 delegates representing more than 60 countries descended on Berlin in May for the flagship water sector event of the year.

Amane’s Bill Malarkey participating as a panel speaker. Photo Via Global Water Summit

Amane’s Bastien Simeon (L) participating as a panel speaker. Photos via Global Water Summit

This year’s Global Water Summit featured an impressive roster of international speakers exploring all facets of the water sector, with a focus on how investing in water technology and infrastructure is necessary to adapt to climate change and unlock new levels of economic growth.

Among the speakers were several Amane Partners, including Bill Malarkey, who discussed the outlook for the water industry in the context of the climate imperative, rising interest rates and other challenges.

Reflecting on the event, Bill said there is a growing awareness among municipalities and corporates that the primary impacts of a changing climate are going to be felt in the water sector but many are only just starting to take serious action to address their growing water-related risks.

“Water sits at the heart of climate adaptation, and the historic underinvestment in water infrastructure, digital transformation, and innovation is hindering many cities and businesses’ ability to respond as quickly as is needed.”

“We’re talking about the world’s most essential resource, so as water sources become less reliable, plentiful, and the public becomes more aware and concerned about the quality of the water they use, it’s easy to see why water will be among the most significant global investment themes in the years to come.”

“While there are significant challenges and competing priorities when it comes to investing in water infrastructure and technology, we heard very clearly at this Summit that there is growing consensus around the urgent need to ramp up capital spending and explore emerging opportunities in water reuse, unconventional water, and decentralized solutions.”

Partner Bastien Simeon served as a speaker in the “New Rules for Desalination Finance” panel event, which explored the ways in which the market for desalination is growing beyond the Gulf region.

One of the key focuses of that discussion was the increasingly important role both International Finance Institutions (IFIs) and Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) play in the development of ‘alternative’ water resources, including both desalination and water reuse projects.

“Given the reality of worsening global water scarcity, these types of projects are increasingly needed in emerging markets, as highlighted, for example, by the large-scale desalination program being implemented by ONEE in Morocco,” said Bastien.

Amane Partners Mathieu De Kervenoael and Christophe Guillet and Principal Vinod Ramachandran also attended the Summit.