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Amane Advisors helps you to design and implement differentiated strategies that create value in complex and changing markets. As specialists in water, resource recovery, and energy recovery, we scout global growth opportunities, quickly understand your business, and develop strategies to help you meet today’s most pressing challenges.

We specialize in:

Growth Strategy – Deal Strategy – Transformation – Digital strategy – Operational Strategy

With Amane Advisors, you can:

  • Anticipate the market with deep insights drawn upon proprietary tools and data and hands-on experts with a deep understanding of local markets, drivers, and new trends.
  • Seize new opportunities by identifying must-win areas and making fact-based Go / No Go decisions to prioritize your investments.
  • Increase business confidence with a strategy that draws on your strengths and details a clear, resilient pathway to success.
  • Define customer-centric value propositions and business models adapted to your target markets’ dynamics; creating a real competitive advantage for accelerated time-to-market.
  • Achieve lasting growth by implementing tangible plans that enable your business to flourish long after a project’s conclusion. Your success is our success.

Market Intelligence

Amane Advisors turns industry analytics into insights that enhance your performance and de-risk your strategy. With an arsenal of proprietary data, tools, and insights at our fingertips, we provide the clarity needed to transform your approach and drive new levels of value.

We specialize in:

Market Research Reports – Market Scans – Due Diligence – Competitive Analysis – Technology & Innovation Insights

With Amane Advisors, you can:

  • Exceed customers’ expectations by improving products and services based on what they want, their level of satisfaction, how your brand is perceived and how your business operates.
  • Gain a competitive edge anticipating your customers’ needs, being faster than competition and capitalizing quickly emerging opportunities.
  • Strengthen your portfolio and investment decisions by making fact-based decisions based on targeted data mining, conducted by a team with relevant industry, technical and commercial know-how.
  • Explore new frontiers and expand your business by identifying areas of future growth based on up-to date local and international market intelligence across the water and waste sectors.
  • Build capabilities and orchestrate long-term success with actionable recommendation for how to best utilize the insights gained in your business strategy.


Deal Advisory

Amane Advisors understands the challenges of navigating complex mergers, acquisitions, and other significant transactions. Our deep industry expertise, robust analysis, and transactional know-how empower you to make well-informed decisions aligned with your long-term strategic goals.

We specialize in:

Mergers & Acquisitions – Sell side Advisory – Value Creation – Infrastructure Finance – Partnerships & Joint Ventures

With Amane Advisors, you can:

  • Achieve your growth ambitions and generate shareholder value with a strategic M&A roadmap that pinpoints the right sub-segments for investment, optimal timing, and potential targets for future value creation.
  • Enhance investor confidence and returns with decision-making based on comprehensive insights into the target’s financial health, growth prospects, operational efficiency, risk factors, strategic alignment and more.
  • Structure the best possible deal – accessing a vetted pool of buyers, and benefiting from expert guidance throughout the entire selling process.
  • Ensure the long-term financial sustainability of your infrastructure project and minimize the cost of capital, with tailored strategies leveraging robust financial modeling.
  • Access new markets, technologies, and capabilities, and nurture long-term success by exploring opportunities for strategic partnerships and joint ventures.

PPP Advisory

Amane Advisors guides you through all stages of public-private partnership (PPP) projects. With a proactive and comprehensive approach, we help you understand critical operational, financial, and legal drivers from the viewpoint of both public and private sector players to promote social, environmental, and economic benefits, ensure bankability, and generate maximum value for money while ensuring community welfare.

We specialize in:

PPP Project Identification – Partnership Formation – Feasibility Studies

Risk Analysis – Financial Modeling – Transaction Structuring

We support public partners to:

  • Attract best-in-class private sector expertise, with a comprehensive strategy that sets a clear vision, aligns political, economic, social, and technical components, and builds a balanced framework with fair risk-sharing
  • Successfully structure the project and secure the lowest costs by leveraging our expertise to challenge existing assumptions, review feasibility studies, and ensure consistency between action plans, financial models, and PPP agreements.
  • Maximize project success by utilizing our project tracking and analysis data to benchmark against other PPPs, identify areas of improvements in PPP contractual conditions, and set meaningful and achievable KPIs.

We support private partners to:

  • Identify markets and geographies with strong PPP pipelines and stable investment environments, assess project feasibility, financial viability, and potential to deliver an enduring social, environmental, or economic benefit, and develop the partnerships needed to form a winning PPP consortium.
  • Successfully develop projects, leveraging our expert technical, commercial, and contractual support as well as our insights into industry best practices and innovation to ensure balanced risk allocation and effective risk mitigation – ultimately resulting in the lowest cost.
  • Maximize a project’s long-term value, with robust financial models, guidance on facilitating optimal funding arrangements, and transparent stakeholder engagement to encourage consensus-building and enhance the project’s bankability and value for money. 


Amane Advisors is a trusted partner to key stakeholders across the water and waste innovation ecosystem. With specialized industry knowledge and deep networks, we empower strategic players to unleash their innovative potential, support early-stage companies in overcoming their unique obstacles, and equip investors with the insights needed to make well-informed investment decisions in innovative companies and technologies.

We specialize in:  

Innovation Trends – Growth through Innovation – Due Diligence – Go-to-Market Strategy – Fundraise Preparation – Deal Sourcing – Investment Thesis Development

We support strategic players to: 

·       Stay ahead of industry trends and futureproof your business with insights that drive strategic decision-making.

·       Enhance efficiencies, reduce costs, and meet sustainability targets by successfully integrating new circular economy technologies and innovations into your operations.

·       Tap into external innovation to access fresh ideas and talent by facilitating powerful ecosystems, partnerships, investments, and joint ventures.

We support startups to:  

·       Understand your target market, identify potential competitors, and refine your value proposition to gain a competitive edge.

·       Accelerate time-to-market with a sound and scalable business model that aligns your technology offering, market positioning, and revenue generation strategies.

·       Maximize funding and growth opportunities with tailored fundraising preparation services and expert guidance in identifying high-value channel partners and building strategic connections.

We support investors to:   

·       Develop a comprehensive investment thesis to effectively navigate the water and waste landscape, guide your investment process, and align with your risk appetite and strategic vision.

·       Accurately evaluate the potential of innovative companies and technology, leveraging our legacy in water, resource recovery, and energy recovery to stay ahead of changing market trends, growth opportunities, and potential risks.

·       Source and prioritize investment opportunities effectively, with benchmarking criteria covering key factors such as technology readiness, market potential, and team capabilities

Assets to support your success

Amane’s unique, proprietary capabilities and assets support our client impact

Water Assets

Water Market Database

Global database of 7,000+ companies tracked across all regions, enabling a deep understanding of competitive landscape and attractive targets for M&A.

Water Industry
M&A Tracker

Database tracking 5,000+ deals since 2000, covering transactions totaling $600+ billion in value, enabling analysis of deal flow and valuation multiples across the water value chain.

Water Company Profiles

Detailed profiles on 700+ companies with assessments across 15+ parameters including financials, market segments, business models, products and strategy.

Residential & Commercial Water Assets

Proprietary market-sizing model, 100+ dedicated experts, plus a company database and M&A tracker dedicated to the Residential & Commercial water sector.

Proprietary Water Market Models

Includes a US water market model tracking 200+ indicators, and a Global Ion Exchange Resin model tracking imports, exports and manufacturing plants.
Waste Assets


Global database of 2,000+ companies tracked across all regions, enabling a deep understanding of competitive landscape and attractive targets for M&A


Contains aggregated market data on 100+ indicators to provide a meaningful snapshot of 200+ countries’ waste management status


Global database of 1,000+ EfW plants and relevant market players in 40+ countries, enabling analysis of 10+ year trends and market share monitoring


Projections on EfW market development for 5+ years based on CAPEX/OPEX spending, number of plants and expected capacity across 40+ key countries.
Business Assets


The world’s largest network of relevant industry professionals and thought leaders, with 600+ experts available on demand to support projects across all regions and geographies.


Global database of 1,000+ investors building portfolios in companies operating in 700+ relevant sectors and sub-sectors.


Tracking 100+ innovative start-ups, with detailed assessment and ranking criteria to connect investors with the most attractive targets.


Proprietary tools on digital water and access to ~1200 company profiles and insight articles through Amane’s Digital Utility Group.


More than 100+ intelligence fact- packs and thousands of insight pages built over 10+ years, including 40+ technology & application decks and 30+ regional and country-specific decks, as well as market segmentation, forecasts and drivers and deep dives on emerging trends.

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