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Trusted advisor to the water industry

The increasing awareness of the importance of sustainable water management and the potential for innovation and investment in water infrastructure make the sector a focal point for decision-makers seeking to create a resilient and environmentally responsible future.

Amane brings the strong expertise, resources, and networks to help clients identify and capitalize on opportunities, foster sustainable growth and promote efficient utilization of resources within the water sector, including in:

Municipal Water

With growing urbanization and increasing water challenges, municipalities and utilities are seeking innovative solutions to enhance water supply, distribution, and wastewater management. Moreover, the rising focus on sustainability and resilience has opened doors for investment in cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure projects.

Amane has the expertise to guide utilities, government organizations, and investors in making informed decisions on infrastructure development, technology adoption, and water-related ventures, to facilitate successful public-private partnerships (PPPs), and to develop customized strategies that optimize water resource utilization, improve operational efficiency, and promote environmental stewardship.

Industrial Water

With an increasing focus on sustainable practices and resource conservation, industries worldwide are seeking innovative solutions to optimize water usage, reduce wastewater discharge, and enhance water recycling and treatment processes. Industrial water offers fertile ground for strategic investments, technological advancements, and cross-industry collaborations.

Amane’s work in the industrial sector spans a wide range of verticals – from upstream and downstream oil and gas, to mining, chemicals, food & beverage and more. Our expertise enables companies to position themselves at the forefront of environmental stewardship and operational efficiency and unlock new opportunities across the value chain.

Water Reuse

Water reuse presents significant strategic opportunities to address water scarcity and sustainability concerns by utilizing advanced treatment technologies and alternative water sources. Embracing water reuse initiatives enables diverse sectors to reduce reliance on freshwater, lower operational costs, and contribute to a more circular and environmentally responsible water economy.

Amane has the expertise to support clients across diverse sectors to foster resilience and bolster water security by implementing efficient and sustainable water reuse initiatives and making strategic investments in water reuse infrastructure to maximize the benefits for clients and the environment alike


The desalination sector is ripe with growth potential as it provides a solution to global water scarcity challenges. Advancements in desalination technologies and improved energy efficiency are unlocking new opportunities for governments, municipalities, and private entities to secure a sustainable water supply, foster economic growth, and enhance resilience against climate-induced water risks.

Amane provides the specialized knowledge and local insights to help clients in navigating complex regulatory and permitting processes, identifying suitable locations for desalination, managing environmental impacts, selecting appropriate technologies, and evaluating long-term financial feasibility. 

Residential & Commercial Water

Increasing awareness of water conservation, sustainability, and innovative technologies are opening up new growth avenues in Residential & Commercial water. As consumers and businesses alike prioritize eco-friendly practices, there is a growing demand for water-efficient fixtures, smart water management systems, and water recycling solutions.

Amane is uniquely positioned to support companies specializing in water-efficient products and services to capitalize on this market trend and drive transformative changes in how water is used and managed in residential and commercial settings.

Water Risk

As water scarcity, pollution, and regulatory pressures intensify, industrial enterprises are compelled to develop innovative water management solutions to secure their water supply, ensure operational continuity, and mitigate potential financial and reputational risks. By investing in water risk management, industrial enterprises can ensure operational continuity, enhance resilience, and position themselves as leaders in environmental stewardship – gaining a competitive edge and attracting conscious consumers and investors.

Amane supports organizations in navigating water-related challenges to enhance their resilience and promote responsible water stewardship within their operations and supply chains – ultimately safeguarding their business from water-related vulnerabilities and ensuring long-term sustainability.

Who We Serve

Our water industry experience makes it possible for us to provide focused, effective expertise to many clients ranging from global corporations to technology start-ups, investors, operators, engineering firms, institutions, and public agencies.

With over 100 clients and 80+ projects per year, we take a broad view of the water industry, including areas where it interacts with materials recovery, renewables, green chemistry, agriculture and other areas ripe for value creation.

Our team develops a holistic understanding of the challenges you are facing to transform information into strategy and action. Based on our industry insight, we ensure our advice helps you achieve results that last.

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