Amane Currents – Summer 2023


This issue’s theme is “Resilience”, which should resonate for readers who find their businesses and local communities faced with the challenge of either too much or too little water – or perhaps both, depending on the season and the region. We are giving special attention to the efforts being made by governments, utilities and corporations to improve their own resilience, and to the opportunities that this opens up for companies and investors around the world.

Amane Advisors’ Bill Malarkey

In a world challenged by climate change, persistent drought is taking aim at parts of the world that have historically been ‘water rich’. In our lead feature, we explore how France is taking action to build its resiliency against growing water scarcity. Amane Partner Mathieu De Kervenoael highlights the steps underway as part of the country’s new Water Plan and explains how some measures might offer faster relief and usher in long-term changes.

Resilience also includes finding long-term solutions to deal with the waste streams of a growing economy. Principal Ismail Alaoui will take readers through how Saudi Arabia is attempting to transform its waste management sector and point toward emerging strategic opportunities within the industry.

Industrial players, particularly in water-intensive segments, are increasingly considering innovative water conservation and reuse projects – which solution providers are eager to support. Neither party, however, is generally keen on bearing the significant capital investment required to implement these projects upfront. Our Partner Bastien Siméon will examine how these challenges are driving an innovative win-win approach to project financing.

“When it rains, it pours.” In many cities around the world, each downpour or major snowfall event can result in major flooding without a properly functioning stormwater management system. In this issue’s “Explainer”, we look at some of the latest gray and green infrastructure solutions being deployed globally to help cities build their water resiliency.

Finally, as demand for water increases and water sources grow less reliable, cities are exploring new ways to protect, conserve, and reuse their existing supply. But is realistic for any city to achieve ‘net positive water’? Hanshita Rongali, a former Amane Advisors intern, explores the feasibility of net-positive water, explaining some of the challenges that prevent cities from fully embracing the concept.

We wish you lots of fun and interesting reading, and as always, we welcome your ideas, input and feedback!

Bill Malarkey

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