Amane Currents – Winter 2024


Welcome to 2024! It’s a new year, filled with new opportunities, as well as all too familiar challenges. 2023 was the hottest year on record, but if current trends continue, it could be the ‘coldest’ year from here on out.

Amane Advisors’ Bill Malarkey

Climate change continues to stress existing water resources and infrastructure, new regulations and emerging contaminants are upping the stakes for businesses to act, and the number of investors eager to increase their exposure to water-related opportunities outnumbers the availability of attractive water deals.

In essence, it’s a risky business environment and leaders must be proactive in seeking out new solutions and strategies to get ahead. This ‘risk ready’ issue of currents looks at risk from a number of angles.

Businesses face both ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ water risks – many of which can have a material impact on operations. In our lead article, Ida Johansson and Mairi Dean explore the need for a holistic approach to water risk and why the quality of the water businesses take in is just as important as the wastewater they push back out.

Investors are thirsty for quality water deals but face ample competition and soaring valuations. Our Partner Bastien Siméon offers how investors are likely to uncover the best opportunities.

Millions of Americans are being exposed to contaminants in their drinking water. US-based consultant Mairead Helmes looks at three communities grappling with different water pollution challenges.

Corporate disclosure of water risks promotes transparency, but does it result in more businesses taking meaningful action? We’ll hear from Radhika Mehrotra, Associate Director, Capital Markets at CDP about the changing attitudes toward water risk.

We’ve got all that plus the latest events and company updates – including the exciting announcement that Amane Advisors will soon become part of Roland Berger, specifically to grow its water consulting capabilities.

This combination is a testament to the trust and extensive expertise and networks we’ve built in water over the last decade as well as the growing urgency for businesses, utilities, and government organizations to develop robust water strategies, implement and scale innovative climate adaptation solutions , and embed sustainability in their operations and practices. The deal is set to be finalized in the first quarter and we look forward to sharing more details about what’s ahead!

As always, we wish you happy reading and welcome your ideas, input and feedback!

Bill Malarkey

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