Welcome to Winter 2023

In nature, the winter season forces many living beings to adapt to changes in their environment. Similarly, at Amane, we see many ways in which our business and our clients have adapted in recent months – to changing economic conditions, new opportunities, and with the arrival of fresh talent and expertise. 

This issue of currents explores the theme of adaptation more deeply.

After a year that began with deadly snowstorms in parts of the US, Pakistan, and Canada, and ended with record rainfall and flooding in California, our lead story looks at the urgent need to adapt to climate change in the ‘here and now’. With most efforts focused on mitigating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas levels, Principal Vinod Jose explains why investing in solutions that help communities respond to and prepare for the near-term consequences is equally important. Adaptation takes on a slightly different meaning in our second story. Here, we look at how public-private partnership projects have been adapted across regions, communities, and project types to drive better outcomes for all parties.

Principal Ida Johansson shares her perspective on the factors that are most likely to determine the success of projects in the sanitation sector, with examples from India, Namibia, and Brazil.

And with interest in carbon offsets growing steadily over the past year, our team explores how a few major financial institutions are adapting traditional investment mechanisms to reduce risk and generate stronger returns for infrastructure projects through the use of credits from voluntary carbon markets – as well as how developers can structure their projects for success.

In this issue, you’ll also find a brief explainer on chemical recycling and how it’s evolving as an alternative and complement to mechanical recycling. Plus, we’ve got the latest Amane news, and some of the industry events where you’ll spot our team members in the coming months.

As always, thank you for reading. We wish you the best for the year ahead!

Bill Malarkey